Electrification of Road Transport in Singapore and Its Integration Into the Power System


Being a small well‐organized city state, Singapore appears to be an ideal place to establish a fully electric road transport system. To analyze the challenges and potential of electric mobility (or “electromobility”), TUMCREATE Ltd., a company funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation, was launched in 2011 as “Centre for Electromobility in Megacities”. During the first five years, the research at TUMCREATE covered everything “from the molecule to the megacity”, that is, from fundamental research on new materials for energy storage systems to battery cells, battery packs, vehicle technology, in‐vehicle electronics to road infrastructure and the power system. One outcome was a prototype for an electric taxi for tropical megacities called EVA with a battery capacity of 50 kWh and fast charging capability of 160 kW. This paper presents a review of past and ongoing activities in the field of integration of electromobility into Singapore’s power system. The focus of this publication lies on charging of electric vehicles (EVs). Results show that the integration of EVs into the power system is feasible, leads to lower emissions, and can even offer new services and support integration of renewable energies.

Energy Technology