Developing a Large-Scale Microscopic Model of Electric Public Bus Operation and Charging


The pace of electric bus deployment is increasing rapidly worldwide. Transportation agencies and bus operators are faced with the challenges of re-evaluating the dimensioning of their bus fleet and the associated charging infrastructure with the introduction of electric buses. This paper introduces a new agent-based public transport simulation model currently being developed and based on a general-purpose microscopic traffic simulation platform. It enables users to conduct city-scale studies and analysis of the day-to-day operation of a public bus fleet of traditional and electric buses, including detailed modelling of charging stations, termini and depots. Results are presented in a case study to electrify the entire bus fleet of Singapore.

Screen captures of the electric bus model in CityMoS

Figure 1: Example of city-scale simulation, with one bus route highlighted


Figure 2: Close-up showing two electric bus agents, a charging station (in green) and a bus stop (in red)


Marc Gallet
Research Associate